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Album Of The Week: The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

If Bryan Adams ever had children (I don’t know), I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Granduciel, vocalist and frontman for The War On Drugs, was one of them. The rough, warm timbre of his voice makes it a familiar place for the listener. The Philly outfit are back with their more recent — and dare I say, the best — effort: A Deeper Understanding.

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#TBT – Rufio

It was early in the newborn millenium, and after the mainstream success of bands like Green Day and Blink-182, pop punk bands came crawling out the drains everywhere. Rufio was among those bands, but their sound really set them apart (and ablaze).

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This is the most relaxing song in the world

Sometimes we have trouble sleeping. That’s the way it is. Fortunately, Manchester band Marconi Union have the answer: they composed the most relaxing song in the world.

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Some people made a fan-made version of Madeon & Porter Robinson’s Shelter: The Movie

Look, editing video is time-consuming, even when you have all source material ready to use. Imagine gathering thousands of cell phone clips from concerts, syncing them up and building a one-hour-plus movie out of them. Oh, and add HQ audio and sync that as well, just for quality control. A group of fans did just that and the end result is amazing.

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#TBT: Collective Soul

The 90s spawned a generation of bands that, without any clear common markers between them, created a new genre altogether. Someone, possibly out of sheer laziness, decided to call it Alternative Rock. Boy, did this explode.

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#TBT: Silverchair

Silverchair is one of those bands that, until they appear on shuffle, live mostly in the back of our minds. Still, back in the early naughts, they were one of the biggest names in rock and roll.

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Harry Styles’s surprising solo debut

When I started This Noise Of Mine, the focus was to write only about good music. Of course, that’s an extremely subjective standard, but the idea is to maintain that canon throughout several collaborators, and create a diverse space with lots of good music for different kinds of people and tastes. Still, I never thought to write a post about anything related to One Direction, and still, here I am. Music is here to surprise us.

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In Memoriam: Chris Cornell

A talent this rare is found a handful of times in a lifetime. What Chris Cornell (1964-2017) had was a unique gift, a gift that became one of the leading voices for an entire generation. His music, his songwriting, and his passion will always be what we’ll remember him by.

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Spotlight: Porter Robinson

The EDM scene spent itself quite quickly. When you have the big majority of a “scene” copy-pasting hit songs, there’s bound to be some quick burnout from the fans and some artists alike. Even though Porter Robinson exploded during the height of the EDM movement, he never quite identified himself with it. And that was a good thing.

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