I’ve been a Hey Rosetta! fan for a very long time. I decided to Spotlight them because I think this is a band people really need to get into.

They are a seven-piece band from St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada who started making music together more than ten years ago. Their roster has changed over the years, mostly because of their ample instrumentation, which includes piano, violin, cello, and brass, plus the traditional guitar, drums, and bass.


Theirs is a solid, polished, multi-layered sound that doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the multitude of its elements. Their newest album, Second Sight (2014), features a mixture of folk, indie, and rock sound that combine perfectly to deliver a soaring record, a definitive statement that quells their four-year sonic absence.

Recommended tracks: What Arrows, Gold Teeth, Promise.

Listen to Second Sight below.