Atlanta has been home to some of my favorite entertainment: Mastodon, Manchester Orchestra, Injected, Collective Soul and The Walking Dead. The five-piece O’Brother now joins this elite. Ever since I watched them play L.A. in 2012, I was hooked.


Sonically, Endless Light perhaps is closest to Thrice‘s Alchemy Index Vols. I & II. The heavy, brutal guitars combine with haunting vocals and synths to form textures so thick you could cut with a knife before escaping into open, aerated atmospheres.

For most bands, the infamous third album defines their sound, their future and their success. O’Brother’s Endless Light is probably their best album yet, showing maturity and restraint in all the right places. If this is O’Brother defining their sound, then it’s a great thing. This is a rock epic.

Check them out on tour.

Recommended Tracks: Your Move, DeconstructEndless Light.

Listen to Endless Light below: