OK, so, Accidents (previously known as Kar Accidents) is not a new band. At all. César Cossio, vocalist, guitarist and songwriter, has been playing under the pseudonym Siempre Me Dejas for quite a while. He was also the lead guitarist in the semi-successful Mexican power pop outfit Insite

After the band’s breakup in 2013, Cossio decided to take his side project and make it his main one. Siempre Me Dejas evolved from being a solo, acoustic project into a full blown band. His lyrics changed from being mainly about breakup and heartache into something more mature, inspired by thoughts and different life experiences.


Their first LP, Cambio de Planes (2013), is exciting, vibrant and heartfelt. The album manages to escape Insite‘s power pop sound and finds itself surrounded by pure indie rock feel and vibe. Cossio’s songwriting has always been a strong feature within his proyects, and it shows. Long gone are the ‘you left me and I’m suffering’ feeling, which lets us experience a more complete and true measure of his musicianship, as well as a more mature perspective of expressing himself through music. He might well be one of the most talented professional singer-songwriters of his generation in Mexico.

Accidents is another very exciting Mexican independent prospect, and while their future depends only on their willpower and dedication as a group, they cover the basics of having a beautiful, polished and experienced product to sell. A new LP is on the way, and we can only hope they continue to grow into one of the better bands of their country.

Listen to Cambio de Planes in full below.


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