TOTD: I Can Chase Dragons! – Gold Coast

I Can Chase Dragons! is Julio Gudiño, frontman and vocalist of Mexican indie band The Plastics Revolution. Gold Coast is the first single from his upcoming LP, Entropía (Arts & Crafts México, 2016), which will be released in August. Fortunately, Gold Coast comes right on time to prepare us for the tropical Mexican summer.

Gold Coast, as is common in I Can Chase Dragons!‘s sound, involves eclectic and enveloping atmospheres. The dreamy, airy whisper of Gudiño’s voice is echoed by the wide space of its instrumentation. The heavy but tame bass lines help the track with a pasty and hearthy soul. It is so dense it gives the impression of listening to the track from under the pool surface at a party.


The single is a perfect addition to road trip playlists, especially if the finish line involves sand and surf. Neon colored sleeveless shirts and cheap sunglasses are the adequate dress code for the occasion. Maybe Gudiño, currently based in Boston, MA, is missing a little bit the Mexican sun.

Refreshing, young, and relaxing, Gold Coast lines up to be a nice spoonful of his next album. For our part, we’ll be listening.

On a fun note, the music video is a perfect tribute of 80’s and 90’s childhood parties. Fun and awkward times.

Check them on tour.


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