Listen To: Dia Frampton – Hope

Every once in a while, one stumbles into an inescapable piece of music. It grips itself into the back of your head and doesn’t let go, no matter the circumstances. This time, Dia Frampton is to blame, with the opening track to her sophomore album, Bruises (2017). What. A. Track.

Dia Frampton rose to stardom after finishing runner up in the first season of The Voice in the United States. More often than not, these “plastic” artists fall through the cracks as easily and as quickly as they rose. But sometimes, just sometimes, they manage to present us with truly high quality talent. Dia Frampton is one of those cases.

Hope is the perfect opening to (almost) any album. It’s cinematic, climactic and beautiful. It features no lyrics, but it showcases Frampton’s unique vocals accompanied by a powerful string arrangement fit for any Danny Boyle film.

It’s not a single, it’s not a hit. It’s an opening track, a prelude. And I just can’t keep it off my mind. I surprise myself humming it anywhere, anytime.

Catch Dia Frampton on tour.

Listen to Bruises below.


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