Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy is being brutally honest

It’s no mystery that the world we live in is in shambles. People killing each other, stealing from one another, corporations and governments squeezing the population for their own personal – often financial – gain… We’re fucked. Josh Tillman, AKA Father John Misty, feels the same way, and he wrote an album about all of us.

Pure Comedy (2017, Sub Pop) is a reflection not of humans as a society, but as a whole species. It speaks of love, of culture, of the absurdity of significance and meaning, of social media, of the way we, as a species, approach the natural world… It’s funny, and it’s mostly funny because it’s true. Devastatingly funny.

Pure Comedy has met with spectacular reception from both critics and fans alike. Father John Misty‘s “defining third album” is an achievement in and of itself. The songwriting is meticulous and honest, the tone is mocking but sincere, almost resignated to it all. The music is a brilliantly constructed mix of folk and adult alternative, built to perfectly endure the test of time. This is an album you’ll find yourself returning to.


It’s refreshing to hear an artist compose music he actually believes in. In a world where the hit singles and the sold out shows matter most, few established artists devote themselves to building something they can proudly, 100% stand behind of. It’s an interesting time for the album to see the light, too, with all the political and societal drama around the world.

BONUS: Oh, and the album comes with a 25 minute short film. Watch it below.

Catch Father John Misty on tour.

Listen to Pure Comedy below.


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