Some people made a fan-made version of Madeon & Porter Robinson’s Shelter: The Movie

Look, editing video is time-consuming, even when you have all source material ready to use. Imagine gathering thousands of cell phone clips from concerts, syncing them up and building a one-hour-plus movie out of them. Oh, and add HQ audio and sync that as well, just for quality control. A group of fans did just that and the end result is amazing.

I don’t know all the facts, but it seems as quite a lot of fans gathered and collected cell phone clips, edited and synced them to an audio mixed (by fans, as well) of Madeon and Porter Robinson‘s epic Shelter Live Tour to create a movie. Think of all the time this took. Go on. I’ll wait.

The Shelter tour was a run of collaborative shows between both artists. It featured songs from both, intermixed, and a stunning visual production, which (I’m sure) resulted in one of the most memorable live experiences in electronic music history.
There’s not a lot more to say. Just watch it.

Here’s a full list of the credits, as per their YouTube channel (it’s a long one).








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