Album Of The Week: The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

If Bryan Adams ever had children (I don’t know), I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Granduciel, vocalist and frontman for The War On Drugs, was one of them. The rough, warm timbre of his voice makes it a familiar place for the listener. The Philly outfit are back with their more recent — and dare I say, the best — effort: A Deeper Understanding.

Twelve years and three albums’ worth of professional experience, it seems as if this deeper understanding of which they speak is not only a nice arrangement of words. It really seems as, in this album, The War On Drugs have found their true, better sound. A Deeper Understanding, the band’s fourth album, is emphatically honest, sonically beautiful and teeming with moments of maturity.

The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding - HD Cover.jpg

Sure, the band has always been nice to listen to, but the levels of connection between artist and listener achieved throughout some passages of the album is something I have rarely witnessed before. It is tough to put the feeling into words, but the same feeling is present in Kashmir‘s Zitilites and Bon Iver‘s For Emma, Forever Ago. We are talking of personal, intimate albums that struck a chord with the audience, forming a bond difficult to ever break.

Some say it’s not their best album. Some say the lyrics are simple, flawed. All I can say is this album has that special something that connects in ways no other TWOD‘s other albums do. For me, this is the definitive one. This is the one we’ll be referring our kids back to when we’re old.

Catch The War On Drugs on tour.

Listen to A Deeper Understanding below.

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