The Bloody Beetroots – The Great Electronic Swindle

People often misjudge marriages between genres, such as electronic and rock, or pop and reggae. They don’t know what to make of such marriages. Some even feel their paradigms threatened as they’re unable to categorize these mashes under a certain label. I say: the more, the merrier.

This is not to say every mashup is a good one. Some experiments are disastrous, others are uncomfortable, while most are just weird. But sometimes, someone gets it just right. The Bloody Beetroots are one of the few acts that got this blend. Not too salty, not too sweet. Perfect.

The Great Electronic Swindle is the duo’s latest album. It is a jungle of styles and sounds, all coherently built upon one another. It is energetic, explosive, and, at times… sweet. Twenty fast and furious tracks featuring some very thoughtfully picked guest vocalists, ranging from rockers JET and Perry Farrell to the excellent Greta Svabo Bech.

Make no mistake, it is hectic. Most of it isn’t kind or gentle. It’s a lot of in-your-face ground stomping electro rock. Cinematic riffs and potent synths. Show-stopping ballads and great, great music. All-around goodness you just can’t miss.


Catch The Bloody Beetroots live.

Listen to The Great Electronic Swindle below.

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