#albumoftheday The Contortionist – Language

The Contortionist is an American progressive metal band, whose third studio album, Language (2014) rose to the 52nd position in the Billboard 200 charts and broke Top 10 in the Hard Rock chart for the same publication in their home country.


The album debuts Michael Lessard (Last Chance to Reason) in vocal duties, replacing Jonathan Carpenter. It is a balance of soundscapes that walk subtly from post-rock to metal, with brief but definite intermediates. As any good prog rock band, The Contortionist don’t stay within the spectrum of any defined sound, but instead play with the ample array of options that each instrument bring to the table.

Lessard’s contribution is notable, without eclipsing the rest of the band’s spotlight in the album. The Contortionist deliver a natural growth that can only be achieved with years of practice and dedication. In a genre susceptible to element over-exaggeration, deriving in a sonic bombardment, the band reaches balanced compromises that make Language an album that can be listened to several times, back to back, and not feel tired or monotonous.

The Contortionist reach a level of maturity deserving of the great players of the genre. They achieve a sound placing them neck and neck with the contemporary metal giants. Some say the third album defines a band’s sound going forward, and if this is true, it is great news fot the Indianapolis sextet.

Listen to Language on Spotify.

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