Introducing Fractures: An Emotive and Atmospheric Artist You Need to Know

Are you looking for new music to add to your playlist? Look no further than Fractures, a talented musician hailing from Melbourne, Australia. With his emotive and atmospheric sound, Fractures –AKA Mark Zito— has been making music for more than a decade at a calm, paused manner, making sure the sound that comes out of our speakers is the sound he intended to be.

One listen to his music and you’ll be transported to another world. The dreamy quality of his tracks, combined with their lush production and ethereal vocals, make for an otherworldly listening experience. But it’s not just the sound of Fractures‘ music that sets him apart – it’s the depth and honesty of his lyrics and his ebb and flow through various different styles and genres.

Fractures tackles themes of love, loss, and self-discovery in his songs, delivering raw and personal insights that are sure to resonate with listeners. His 2014 self-titled debut LP features standout tracks like It’s Alright, a haunting ballad that showcases Fractures’ emotive vocal delivery and songwriting skills. On his 2017 follow up, Still Here, Fractures explores the aftermath of a near-fatal accident that forced him into self-isolation for a long time.

Fractures combines atmospheric and ethereal sounds with deeply introspective and honest songwriting that results in an intricate balance between the quiet and the storm. His abilities as a multi-instrumentalist give us a glimpse of how to understand silence and make the best use of it to create tension, all the while using the necessary elements to tell his amazing story.

Listen to his most recent effort, the Summer EP, below.


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