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Album Of The Week: The War On Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

If Bryan Adams ever had children (I don’t know), I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam Granduciel, vocalist and frontman for The War On Drugs, was one of them. The rough, warm timbre of his voice makes it a familiar place for the listener. The Philly outfit are back with their more recent — and dare I say, the best — effort: A Deeper Understanding.

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Harry Styles’s surprising solo debut

When I started This Noise Of Mine, the focus was to write only about good music. Of course, that’s an extremely subjective standard, but the idea is to maintain that canon throughout several collaborators, and create a diverse space with lots of good music for different kinds of people and tastes. Still, I never thought to write a post about anything related to One Direction, and still, here I am. Music is here to surprise us.

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Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy is being brutally honest

It’s no mystery that the world we live in is in shambles. People killing each other, stealing from one another, corporations and governments squeezing the population for their own personal – often financial – gain… We’re fucked. Josh Tillman, AKA Father John Misty, feels the same way, and he wrote an album about all of us.

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Automaton, the new Jamiroquai album

Seven years is a long time by anyone’s standards. According to “science”, we are almost completely different people than when Rock Dust Light Star (2010) was released (joke). Seriously, though, it’s been a long time since Jamiroquai has fed us lit bass lines and sweet beats. So, do they still have it?

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Mastodon’s new album, Emperor of Sand

Mastodon have been around for the better part of two decades. During that time, they’ve grown to become a generational icon. They are one of the -if not the– most recognizable names in metal. After three years since Once More ‘Round the Sun (2014, Reprise), they are back with their eighth album, Emperor Of Sand (2017, Reprise). And boy, is it addictive.

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About The Shins’ Heartworms, introspection and familiarity.

The moment every teenage boy or young adult fell in love with the inescapable and utopically adorable Sam in Zach Braff‘s debut feature film Garden State (2004), they also fell in love with The Shins, a then underground indie folk band with catchy, significant melodies and a haunting timbre in one James Mercer‘s voice that made them ever-present and impossible to miss.

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Album of the Week: Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis

After the success of their widely acclaimed Opposites (2013), Biffy Clyro are back on attack with Ellipsis (2016), a re-imagining of their sound and a coping mechanism against going mainstream and all that it entails. Continue reading “Album of the Week: Biffy Clyro – Ellipsis”

Band Of Horses’ Grownup Music: Why Are You OK

After the resounding success of their fourth album, 2012’s Mirage Rock, Band Of Horses take a step down off their mainstream indie rock pedestal to reevaluate their status as such in Why Are You OK (2016). Continue reading “Band Of Horses’ Grownup Music: Why Are You OK”

Album Of The Week: Flume – Skin

Harley Edward Streten, better known as Flume, has steadily become one of the household names of electronic music. His new album, Skin (Future Classic, 2016), is a statement. It’s a powerful stomp: he’s here to stay. Continue reading “Album Of The Week: Flume – Skin”

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